Invoice Software: 5 Tips for Choosing That You Should Pay Attention to



Mauju Invoice Pricing software is an application that can support users in managing transactions, starting from generating invoices, and managing taxes, to compiling financial reports. When choosing invoice software, users must at least pay attention to whether the software meets applicable financial standards, guarantees data confidentiality, and is a system that is easy to integrate.

Overview of Invoice Software

Invoicing software is software that is used to manage various financial transactions, one of which is generating automatic invoices for each product or service produced.

Keep in mind, that there are various features offered by invoice software providers, ranging from compiling financial reports, and creating invoices, to managing taxes. Choose invoice software that meets your needs. Of course, with the various advantages offered.

Tips for Choosing Invoice Software

If you are a tax officer or a decision maker regarding what applications to use to make work easier in your office, there are several invoice software criteria that you can pay attention to before using an application.

Meet Indonesian Financial Reporting Standards and Company SOPs

The invoice is a member of the financial report. Therefore, make sure that the software you choose is by Financial Accounting Standards in presenting information on business activities that are officially implemented in Indonesia. This standard also applies so that financial reports have uniformity in the information contained.

A good invoice management software will also provide options based on the company model. Because the company model is different, the form of financial reporting used is different. Different financial reports mean different invoice formats are used. Example: differences in financial report models and invoice formats for trading companies, service companies, and manufacturing companies.

Data Security

Apart from the Indonesian financial reporting system and your company’s SOP, another thing that you need to pay attention to regarding the use of invoice management software is data security.

Data security, even data related to a company’s financial information, is very important. Make sure the software provider has passed security certification authorized by the government.

Don’t let your company’s information leak into the hands of competitors.

Service Guarantee

Financial management is a crucial matter. Therefore, choose a software service provider that has good service standards. This is because service standards are benchmarks or guidelines for carrying out service activities.

The most basic thing, make sure the customer service email and telephone number provided by the service provider can be contacted to support you, starting from the information search system about the product (before use) until when you experience difficulties using the invoice software in question.

Up to Date Software

Technically, check again whether the technology used by the invoice software service provider you are using is capable of the latest technology. This must be a consideration for the company so that the software can continue to be updated along with software updates for the PC system used.

This software update is a necessary aspect because it will affect the capabilities, features that can be accessed, the database and access speed. At least for 3 to 5 years. In the future, you don’t have to be confused about dealing with these technical matters.

Integrated System

After fulfilling the previous 4 requirements, it would be better if the software you choose has integrated functions. Not only managing invoices but also being able to pay your tax bill.

As previously explained, invoice management software has a really broad domain. Many software providers offer various functions that you can choose according to your needs. Instead of choosing different software for each function in financial transactions, it is better if you use software that provides various facilities in one application, such as the Invoice Management Software application.

As an official DJP partner, Mauju Invoice Management Software has ISO/IEC 27001 security certification which ensures your information is stored safely in the Mauju Invoice Management Software cloud system. Not only is it safe, but you can access it anywhere and anytime, as long as you are connected to an internet connection.

Talking about integration, Mauju Invoice Management Software provides an e-invoice feature where you can create commercial invoices and manage VAT, Final PPh, and PPh 21, and pay taxes at the same time using various available payment methods.